Do you Travel?

YES! We love to travel! We have travelled around Australia and overseas. We've shot in Hong Kong San Francisco, London and so many wonderful locations worldwide. We do call Australia Home even though we do have home bases around the world. We totally love destination weddings (shhhh we often offer discounts on our travel fee if you take us to somewhere new!).

How long have you been doing this?

We've been photographing and filming weddings, families and events for more than a decade. We shoot around 40 to 80 weddings a year, 20 - 30 family sessions annually and have been capturing everlasting moments since 2010.

How many photos do we get?

We generally give you an approximate of how many photos we would minimally deliver to you at the end of the day within our packages and pricelist to give you an idea of what you would receive. We absolutely deliver MORE than what we list in our packages as that is just a minimum delivery. We never hold back images and will always give as many images we can from your wedding or session with us.

How do we get our photos?

We provide you with your own personalised online gallery with the ability to share via email and social media to your family and friends. Your online gallery allows you to download your images in Full resolution and in social media sized files as many times as you like. You also have the capability to set up a Gift Registry to share with your family and friends who may want to gift you with prints and wall products or order prints and wall products for you or themselves.

Do you retouch photos?

Retouching services are an additional product not included in your normal packages and pricing. If you would like to have retouching such as body shape enhancements, removal of distracting elements in the background, teeth whitening, skin smoothing etc, we can organise this for you. We charge $30 per retouched image. Your images are all curated and edited within our style as displayed in our portfolio. Final delivered images will be delivered as either colour or black and white.

Whats your turn around time?

We generally aim to have your complete session edited and uploaded to your online gallery within 3-4 weeks.

How do we book you?

Booking us is super easy and straight forward. We generally send you a quotation for what you require from us and you simply click on the accept button on your quote. From there, you will receive an invoice for a retainer fee which will hold the date / session for you. If you are booking a wedding, the final full balance is required to be paid four (4) weeks from the wedding date and with family and event sessions, we require the final balances to be paid fourteen (14) days before the session date.

Do you provide a discount if we book both Photos + Film together??

Absolutely! For Weddings, if you book both services, we offer an overall discount of $400. For Family and Events, we offer an overall discount of $100.

How far out do you book?

Most book between 12 - 18 months prior for weddings and 4-6 weeks in advance for family and event sessions with us. We do of course have been known to take a booking a few days before as we understand that sometimes things are not always planned.

When can I expect to receive my film?

For Weddings, we aim to have your highlight film completed and online for you for viewing and download within 4-6 weeks and the longform documentary films are delivered around 2 weeks thereafter. For Family and Event films, your films are generally completed and online for viewing and download within 4-6 weeks.

Do you have public liability insurance?

Yes we sure do! We have 20 million Public Liability Insurance

Do you back up your photographs and video footage?

Absolutely, on the day we back up the moment we get back to the studio! Our cameras have two cards in each camera (one is the main card and one is the backup).

When backing up our footage we back up to two separate harddrives and then also via cloud. The back up cards are never deleted until a wedding or session has been delivered.

What happens if it rains?

We are always happy to reschedule your session to another day that works for you and your family. We also always keep umbrellas in our car for you in case it rains. It's great if when we meet, we can discuss an alternate location for photos if it does rain. You can of course, get some stunning images in the rain (with umbrella's). We have lots of workarounds when we get dealt less than perfect weather conditions and often some of our more spectacular moments are captured with these unique opportunities to capture dramatic lighting and gorgeous artistic rain images. We've yet to find a kid that doesn't enjoy a good jump in a puddle :)

Do we get to keep the Negatives / Original Images eg. RAW?you have a question?

When you hire us, you do so because you have seen our art and our work and our final product. Our RAW footage is only a partial component to creating the beautiful imagery and films that becomes your wedding photos and video. We take pride in our creative processes and as such, we do not provide our RAW footage to our clients.

What should we wear?

Firstly, think about where you will be displaying your images in your home. Think about the colours that would best compliment that space and look at colour schemes for your clothing that will work best for how you envision them on your wall or space.

A good start is to select two main colours and then add softer tones to it. Complimentary colours that work best with your base colours. Try not to be too matchy matchy but create a great look without every family member wearing the exact same outfit.

Avoid distracting patterns and big logos. Big logos and text on t-shirts and abstract patterns can overpower your photo and date the images. Try and avoid items that clash and stick to one pattern for your portrait session. Be careful with patterns but don’t be afraid of them! Thin stripes can do odd things in photos but large floral patterns on dresses can be great! just make sure all the colours are all in your colour palette.

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